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In larger freedom:
towards development, security and human rights for all

Report of the Secretary-General

Full report [pdf format]


I. Introduction: a historic opportunity in 2005
   A. The challenges of a changing world
   B. Larger freedom: development, security and human rights
   C. The imperative of collective action
   D. Time to decide

II. Freedom from want
   A. A shared vision of development
   B. National strategies
   C. Making goal 8 work: trade and financing for development
   D. Ensuring environmental sustainability
   E. Other priorities for global action
   F. The implementation challenge

III. Freedom from fear
   A. A vision of collective security
   B. Preventing catastrophic terrorism
   C. Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons
   D. Reducing the risk and prevalence of war
   E. Use of force

IV. Freedom to live in dignity
   A. Rule of law
   B. Human rights
   C. Democracy

V. Strengthening the United Nations
   A. General Assembly
   B. The Councils
   C. The Secretariat
   D. System coherence
   E. Regional organizations
   F. Updating the Charter of the United Nations

VI. Conclusion: our opportunity and our challenge

For decision by Heads of State and Government